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We started with an idea, chicken scratching on napkins at a local tea shop, to produce a safe, non-hazardous electronic alternative to the traditional magnesium road flare. At the time, there were LED products in the market, but none that could or come close to outputting the same light intensity of the magnesium road flare.

After the idea, what comes next? How do we start? Is it even possible to increase the intensity of LED Lights? We literally had hundreds of questions and to get them answered, we needed an electrical engineer. Time went by as we spent months searching and asking questions until we were able to find our perfect engineer. He answered all of our questions, surpassed all of our expectations, and also contributed many additional features and functions to our LED Road Flare.

We created our first prototype and it blew our minds away, along with our retinas. We were impressed that our product was able to output a large amount of light intensity and it was comparable to the traditional road flare.

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